A transparent, fast and scalable open protocol for Consent and Privacy Management built on top of blockchain that puts YOU in command of YOUR DATA and its use.

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Key Features

OConsent provides a user-friendly one-stop platform for end users to reliably and confidently manage their consent.


Share your data anywhere minus your identity with surrogates and zero-knowledge proofs, zk-SNARKs.

Trusted Timestamping

Non-repudiable point-in-time consent reference through multiple independent Trusted Timestamping Authorities.

Policy Recommendations

Manage your consent hassle-free with ML assisted policy recommendations and conflict resolutions.

Robust and Secure

Next-Generation Access Control (NGAC) policy markups and fingerprinting on Public Blockchains - ETH, BTC and more.

Reclaim your rights to privacy. Say Yes to informed, transparent and auditable consent. Want to know more?

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